Hollow cathode lamp for Perkin Elmar atomic absorption spectrophotometer

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Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
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Hollow cathode lamp is used for Perkin Elmar atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

Product Characteristic: the shape of the lamp is like bottle or vertical canister and belongs to cold cathode glow discharge lamp; for the cathode being processed the form of hollow column, it will become hollow cathode domino offect when discharge, and make the radiant intensity of cathode elementary stronger many times than the common cold cathode lamp, so it is called hollow-cathode lamp. This lamp has many characteristics such as strong spectral line element characteristic, narrow half-width of spectral line and stable radiant intensity, which is the most perfect luminaire for forming a complete set atom absorb spectrophotometer, atom fluorescence spectrophotometer.


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KY-Mg    KY-Zn    KY-Al    KY-Ba     KY-Bi   KY-Co

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KY-Li     KY-Mn     KY-Mo  KY-Na     KY-Pb   KY-Sb   KY-Sn   KY-Sm

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KY-Te   KY-Sr    KY-Y    KY-Yb    KY-As   KY-Au   KY-Be   KY-Lu

KY-P    KY-Pt    KY-Re   KY-Tb    KY-Te   KY-Sr    KY-Y    KY-Yb

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KY-Cs   KY-D2   KY-Rb   KY-Rh    KY-Se